psbCA6PD6QQ - GIUSEPPE ZANOTTI Gold Baroque Leaf Sandals Replica

Monday’s last post features these vivacious and extrovert heels from Giuseppe Zanotti. They feature a whisper thin cantilever heel, and are a skyscraper high 150mm. Of course these shoes will not be for everyone, but they are little unique works of art and deserve to be admired and featured on Shoeniverse. Even I am not totally sure I would wear them (although I am sure if you twisted my arm and popped a pair in front of me right now that I would have a hard time resisting them). The main sticking point for me is the gold which I do not love on shoes – oh GZ if these had been silver or pewter on the front you would have killed me with these!you can buy it form tidepurse at the link


Chanel Original Calf Leather – Beautifully structured flap-over design – bronze hardware – Unique CC front lock – Chunky single chain handle with adjustable leather inset – Limited edition style – CHANEL embossed top – Canvas lined interior with zipped pocket Size: W30 x H18 x D8cm (1″ = 2.54cm) Chanel Le Boy Flap Shoulder Bag Original Leather A66714 Black Come with serial numbers, Chanel authenticity card, Chanel dust bag and Chanel care booklet.

a66714mbqu 10571 - chanel le boy bag 2013 replica collection on

wpid Sophia Bush Goyard Tote - Sophia Bush adds a pastel punk edge to her Goyard Tote

Remember when you could see the sun? Those were good times. Sophia Bush (star of the brand new CBS sitcom “Partners” and the much beloved “One Tree Hill”) was recently seen rocking a customized burgundy Goyard Tote while desperately trying to remember where she parked her car.

Sophia chose to embellish Goyard’s signature patterned tote with pastel skull decals. Other celeb fashionistas have opted for monograms, playful Rasta

wpid Kim and Kourtney in Miami 6 - Kourtney and Kim Take Miami with Goyard

I know, I know. From the title of this post, I know what you must be thinking. Oh joy, another Kardashian-inspired post! (Apply either a sarcastic or gleeful tone, whichever you feel is correct.) The Kardashian sisters are in Miami filming yet another season of Kourtney and Kim Take Miami, and earlier in this week, Kim and Kourtney Kardashian spent a glamorous day at the beach. Well, maybe “glamorous” isn’t the correct word – their presence brought out both a huge paparazzi mob and lots of rubber-neckers. So maybe for them, it was just another typical day at the beach.

Kim was spotted wearing a white one-piece Michael Kors swimsuit, a somewhat out-of-the-ordinary wardrobe choice for her killer curves, while sister Kourtney was dressed, oddly, like a totally normal person. Wearing rainbow-stripped shorts and a plain V-neck tee, her most glamourous accessory was her yellow Goyard St. Louis bag.

wpid Kim and Kourtney in Miami 5 - Kourtney and Kim Take Miami with Goyard

It’s kind of funny to think that toting around a $700 $1,300 tote bag at the beach is considered a laid-back look, but by Kardashian standards, it totally is. (Remember that time Kim used a Birkin as a beach bag?) Kourtney was seen wearing Goyard’s signature pattern in yellow, which complimented the yellow on her shorts. While I am one for dressing up, the beach is the one place I tend to go all natural. For that reason, I sort of admire Kourtney’s all-natural beach attire, but I am jealous that this gorgeous tote is probably her dump bag. But hey, it’s the Kardashians – can we expect anything less?

wpid Kim and Kourtney in Miami 4 - Kourtney and Kim Take Miami with Goyard

wpid Kim and Kourtney in Miami 1 - Kourtney and Kim Take Miami with Goyard

wpid Kim and Kourtney in Miami 3 - Kourtney and Kim Take Miami with Goyard

wpid Kim and Kourtney in Miami 2 - Kourtney and Kim Take Miami with Goyard


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MJ vivid coral percy bag 1 - Marc Jacobs Coral Percy Bag: Vivid Coral Pink Are So In

There are times when we feel the need to go safe and bet on black. You might have heard more than once ’you can never go wrong with black’ (I ADMIT! I SAY IT TOO SOMETIMES). But imagine the Marc Jacobs Percy bag in black, what would it become? A little bit too boring, let’s leave that to the classics.

You can use it as a shoulder bag or simply a clutch, but don’t expect to fit 10 documents inside. That’s not what the Percy is for. Petite and light makes it easy to carry through the night. The MJ Percy bag gives simplicity a meaning and in combination with vivid coral pink color, makes you stand out from the crowd. Especially when you are going casual with a simple tee and a tight jeans underneath. The attractive color radiates the energy that you are fun, attractive and young. Now who wouldn’t want that. Buy through SSENSE for $260D:\abc\data\wbrandbuy\bragmybag\ - Marc Jacobs Coral Percy Bag: Vivid Coral Pink Are So In.

Size: 9.5’’ x 1’’ x 6.5’’ (L x W x D)
Material: 100% leather

chanel cambon tote 2 - Chanel Cambon Tote Versus GST – Discontinued?

I received several emails about the Cambon tote bag. Another classic bag from Chanel and simply stunning. Some of you who are here might be asking: ‘Should I buy the Cambon tote or the GST?’. We all know the GST, let’s gossip about the Cambon.

I read that the Cambon was the most favorite target for counterfeiters. No doubt, the Cambon once had its own fame. But what’s interesting is to know the difference between Cambon and GST:

– Notice the handles of the Cambon tote and how it is totally different from the GST. The GST has chains (SHW or GHW) around both sides of the handles. The Cambon looks much simpler.

– Chanel GST looks more elegant and complicated, while the Cambon looks more casual and a simple match with some tee and jeans underneath.

– The Cambon is much lighter and airy, while the GST is bigger and more capable for heavier load.

Simply love it or leave it. The price of the GST and the Cambon is almost identical. The Cambon line has been discontinued for a while which makes it a collector’s item. You might be lucky to find a used bag on Ebay, but will still end up paying $1,000.

Price comparison:
Price GST: €1,750 EUR
Price Cambon tote: €1,770 EUR

Prices estimated as accurate as possible, please use as guidelines

alexander wang black diego bucket 1 - Alexander Wang Black Studded Diego Bucket Bag: Love It Or Leave It

There are times we love to use the words: ‘Love it or leave it’. In many cases it would be very useful, just like when we are judging the Alexander Wang Diego Bucket bag. For most of us, the first bite of the bucket bags might be a bit bitter, but as time grows we learned how to appreciate art and might end up totally loving it. Especially when the ins and the outs has been introduced that might open up our eyes to the new possibilities to feed our never-ending bag addiction.

The bucket might not attract you on the first sight when looking at the pictures. But you gotta go beyond the eyes and start feeling it in person. Because if you do, the touch of the fine leather and the color of the studs will exceed your expectation. The Alexander Wang Diego bucket is surprisingly edgy and comfy. Though it might be totally black on photos, the color is actually more of a pewter. I always thought buckets were overly complex and not practical at all, until you figure out how easy it is getting your stuff in and out.

The bucket can take some heavy load if it needs to. The leather makes the bag a bit unnecessary heavy, but very easy to carry on shoulder. Even though it matches great to many accessories and clothing styles, you still gotta love it or just walk away and leave it. On SSENSE for $850D:\abc\data\wbrandbuy\bragmybag\ - Alexander Wang Black Studded Diego Bucket Bag: Love It Or Leave It

Size: 12’’ x 8’’ x 7’’ (D x L x W)
Material: 100% leather