wpid Burberry Mini Check Clutch - Fill in the Blank: The Burberry Mini Check Clutch is…Burberry Mini Check Clutch, $795 via Neiman Marcus.

Combining the iconic check pattern with the fashion-forward belt buckle wrapped body, the Burberry Mini Check Clutch is an attention grabber. I like seeing the classic plaid pattern broken up by the leather and the way Burberry implements this gives their design an edgy appearance.

Help out and fill in the blank so we can see what you think of this bag. Buy via Neiman Marcus for $795.

Fill in the Blank: The Burberry Mini Check Clutch is ___________.

wpid Burberry Buffalo Tote - Burberry gets its groove backBurberry Buffalo Tote, $1095 via Neiman Marcus.

Like any brand, Burberry has created bags that I’ve both wildly loved and totally hated over the past few seasons. There have been moments of both happiness and confusion at the brand’s accessories, but based on the success of the bags in the Fall 2011 runway show and the beautiful Burberry Buffalo Tote from Pre-Fall 2011, I’m feeling nothing but optimism about Burberry handbags. Plus, I’ve seen a few shots of the brand’s Resort 2012 bags, so I have it on good authority that the dog days are over.

Something about the color of this bag is hitting me in just the right way. Extremely light grey feels so pretty and unexpected in the midst of a season full of bright colors, and even though this isn’t necessarily the shade that I’d pair with brights, the pre-order won’t come in until July anyway. By that time, we’re all going to be sick of our summer clothes and waiting for those first few non-sweltering nights in late August, and when those days hit, this bag is going to feel like a brilliant option for the seasonal transition. Plus, the price isn’t bad either. Buy through Neiman Marcus for $1095.

Louis Vuitton Speedy Trifecta 590x428 - LOUIS VUITTON SPEEDY BAG 35 30

When it comes to vintage handbags louis vuitton speedy bag is the most classic and timeless accessory for any fashion girl. The world’s first carry all city bag was first introduced in 1930 and it instantly received great popularity, worn by countless celebrities. The company has launched different models of Speedy Bag in order to meet the different demands of their customers. While the louis vuitton speedy 30 is inarguably the most famous, the monogram louis vuitton speedy 35 bag was actually the original which appeared in 1924. The smaller 25 version actually appeared in 1965 when Audrey Hepburn asked LV to design her a smaller version to use as a city bag. more louis vuitton neverfull click here

wpid Burberry Blaze Bags - The Burberry Spring 2013 show unveils the Blaze Bag

No one puts together a runway livestream like the Europeans, and Burberry has set an extremely high bar this season. I kicked off my work week by watching the show yesterday morning, and from the setting to the attendees to the apparel, the entire presentation, from start to finish, gave the fashion world something to talk about. The coats and jackets in particular, for which Burberry is known, shone (literally) as they walked down the runway. I honed in on the accessories, naturally, and not only do we have photos to share, but Burberry is selling these items straight from the runway, right now. Looks like Burberry got the memo – we see it, we like it, we want it right then and there.

The big Burberry bag for their Spring 2013 season is the Burberry Blaze Bag, which comes in a variety of finishes, most notably with see-through colored vinyl with tonal metallic python trim.

I have a problem with this bag, and believe it or not it is not the vinyl finish. The shape of this bag is incredibly hard to wear, and you could see the models even had a bit of a struggle walking with this bag by their side as it would rub against their body with each step they took down the runway. The design of the Blaze bag is wide from front to back which will keep it from being carried in the crook of the arm properly, as it will never hang correctly. Just as the models had to, you will have to carry this bag in your hands, and this simply does not happen much if at all anymore – it makes no sense, design-wise, and defies logic from a practical retail standpoint. Those aren’t the only issues, though: the bag’s price point is extremely high for a hard-to-carry piece made mostly of vinyl. Price is $3,695 for this version via Burberry.

wpid Burberry Blaze in Pale Bluff - The Burberry Spring 2013 show unveils the Blaze Bag wpid Burberry Blaze Purple - The Burberry Spring 2013 show unveils the Blaze Bag wpid Burberry Blaze Red - The Burberry Spring 2013 show unveils the Blaze Bag wpid Burberry Blaze Green - The Burberry Spring 2013 show unveils the Blaze Bag

wpid Burberry 16 - Fashion Week Handbags: Burberry Spring 2012Images via Vogue.com

Burberry and I have an odd relationship. I find myself lusting after the brand’s ready-to-wear and outerwear every season without fail, and often its boots as well, but my feelings about the British brand’s bags are often a tad…fraught. I can honestly say, though, that there’s not a single bag from Burberry Spring 2012 that I wouldn’t carry.

Perhaps the biggest surprise from the collection was how little leather it included. In fact, only a few of the woven clutches were entirely leather and a couple of the larger totes were suede and croc (be it real or faux, I’m not sure), but the overwhelming majoring were woven raffia with croc trim. That’s something of a departure for the brand, and the resulting totes and clutches felt on-trend (expect to see lots of raffia for spring) and modern. Particularly the fun little clutches, which may have a rather small retail audience but which I’d be delighted to carry to any summer party.

wpid Burberry Prorsum Silk Sateen and Leather Tote - PurseBlog Asks: Can a Satin Bag Work for Daytime?

Even after a few years working in the almost-anything-goes fashion industry, there are a couple of old-fashioned color and texture rules that are so ingrained in my consciousness that I have a genuinely difficult time breaking them, even though I know they’re silly. I never wear white when it’s cold out, I can’t understand why anyone would buy a pair of suede shoes for spring and I cannot, cannot fathom carrying a satin bag before evening. (Or a satin bag that’s not a clutch, for that matter.) The Burberry Prorsum Silk-Sateen and Leather Tote is in clear conflict with that last rule, which is what prompts me to turn the question to you guys: Could you conceive of a good day bag in this kind of textile?

Satin (which we’re going to go ahead and conflate with sateen, for the purposes of this post) does have its undeniable charms. It glows like it’s lit from within, which gives even more life to rich colors like this gorgeous cobalt blue; that’s a feat that I’ve never seen achieved with leather. Despite being a woven material, satin has luxurious connotations that other wovens just don’t have. Even some of the material’s drawbacks, like its propensity for wrinkling, can be obviated by a good bag design. Even though I’m not that much of a personal product of the end product above, it does take advantage of a lot of the material’s best attributes.

Still, though, I just can’t shake the impression that satin’s a material best left for small bags that come out after dinner hours. Give us your thoughts after the jump. If this Burberry bag is screaming your name, pick it up for $1,995 via Net-a-Porter.

wpid Burberry Large Washed Leather Tote - Man Bag Monday: Burberry Large Washed Leather Tote

During New York Fashion Week, I found myself chatting with the designer of a burgeoning men’s accessories collection about the landscape of men’s business worldwide. He had a lot of interesting things to say, most notably that men in America prefer satchels, men in Japan prefer totes and men in Europe are somewhere in between, but that Americans are becoming slowly more open to other shapes and structures. Ever since that conversation, I’ve tried to pay closer attention to the men that I see on the street, what kinds of bags they’re carrying and how those bags relate to their overall looks in general.

What I’ve noticed in the intervening weeks is that there are a lot more men carrying bags like the Burberry Large Washed Leather Tote in New York than I had previously realized. As with the idea of man bags in general, it seems as though specific styles that were previously more closely associated with womenswear are becoming palatable to a larger male audience. The bag-carrying male population in the US seems to be cautiously expanding its purview to totes.

Now, I know what you’re going to say – I’m in a large urban area that has a reputation for being fashion-forward, at least by American standards, which is why I’m seeing more men, both gay and straight, carrying hand-held totes. That’s not the entire story, though; the general stylistic ideas that take root in New York often filter through the rest of the country afterward, so this isn’t a shift that I’d count as trivial just yet. Menswear in general is having a moment now, and the more aspirational images of attractive men carrying this kind of bag there are, the more likely the idea is to stick around.

This bag in particular is undeniably beautiful; in fact, I wish that whoever’s in charge of the Burberry men’s accessories would take over the women’s bags too, because the simple, luxurious look of the collection is something that its female counterpart is sorely missing. I could see a scruffy dude in dark jeans and a tweed-y jacket pulling off this look effortlessly, and as more men find themselves intrigued by the idea of dressing well, I bet we’ll see some minds start to change. Buy through Burberry for $2195.

wpid Burberry Fall 2012 - Fashion Week Handbags: Burberry Prorsum Fall 2012Images via Vogue.com

In two ways, I always dread the Burberry show at London Fashion Week. First, because I know that Christopher Bailey’s beautiful ready-to-wear, and his outerwear in particular (THOSE COATS.), will threaten to drain my bank account all over again with one swift poke the the pleasure center in my brain, which apparently really likes wool. Second, because I know I’m probably going to have to write something unkind about the handbags. Both fortunately and unfortunately, Burberry Prorsum Fall 2012 did not break from that pattern.

The collection was yet another that made plenty of references to the Downton Abbey era, which is particularly appropriate for a brand that’s so utterly steeped in British heritage, both by its own marketing and by actual history. You would think, then, that we’d be in for an accessories feast of lovely whiskey-colored leather satchels and smart, ladylike handbags with lots of structure. Instead, we got big striped and quilted totes with limited personality and clutches with animal-head door-knockers on them. The few satchels in play were the highlight of the handbags, but even they seemed a little bit unwieldy in proportion to be carried. You’ll notice in the photos, though, that many of the models are carrying their bags while wearing stunning gloves made of colorful python or studded black leather. Why didn’t we see any of those ideas carried into the bags? It would have made for a much stronger collection.

wpid Michelle Dockery Burberry e1361292784967 - Michelle Dockery carries Burberry in London

Here’s Downton Abbey star Michelle Dockery, about to thrust herself into a waiting crowd of British paparazzos after exiting the Burberry Fall 2013 runway show. On her arm is a Burberry Prorsum Handbag from Pre-Fall 2013, and as is perhaps to be expected, her trench and pumps both look suspiciously Burberry. If you love everything Lady Mary touches, you can pick up a Burberry bag with a similar look – the Burberry Brinkley Satchel – for $1,795 at Bloomingdales. Brits are particularly hardcore about their British designers – their Burberry, their Stella McCartney, their Vivienne Westwood, their Erdem…but who could ever blame them?

(SPOILER ALERT!) Downton Abbey fans, can we have a little aside for a minute? I’m freaking out about that last episode of Downton Abbey. I just need to put that out there for all of you fellow DA fans. I really don’t know how well I’ll be able to stick with a show that kills off two major (and well beloved) characters in a single season. Without spoiling the whole season for those who have yet to catch up, DISCUSS.

wpid Michelle Dockery Burberry 1 - Michelle Dockery carries Burberry in London

wpid Michelle Dockery Burberry 3 - Michelle Dockery carries Burberry in London

wpid Michelle Dockery Burberry 4 - Michelle Dockery carries Burberry in London

wpid Burberry Leather Wristlet - This Burberry bag is more than just your average wristletBurberry Leather Wristlet, $1195 via Net-a-Porter

In my mind, calling a bag a “wristlet” is a precarious thing to do for a manufacturer or retailer. The word “wristlet” brings about a very specific type of simple, relatively inexpensive small accessory; personally, I use a wristlet to hold the small pharmacy that I carry around inside of my real bag. I wouldn’t ever pay a thousand dollars for something like that.

While the Burberry Leather Wristlet is, in fact, a wristlet like its name would suggest, it’s also one of the nicer wristlets I’ve ever seen in my life, and a full-fledged leather clutch with multiple structured compartments. Don’t let the w-word fool you, this bag is a lot more than just an accessory to your accessories.

Even the strap on this bag is pretty swanky. All the wristlets I own use a flat, thin piece of leather to secure the pouch to your wrist, but Burberry instead chose to go with a full-on rolled leather handle. That little touch goes a long way to explaining how unexpectedly luxurious the rest of the bag is, from the dual interior compartments with a cell phone slot to the tonal woven leather exterior.

The tan strap and blue body of the bag go nicely together, and the darker aqua trim is a great finishing detail. If you were ever going to consider spending four figures on a wristlet, this one’s a good place to start. It’s actually a full-fledged clutch in disguise, and you can always remove the handle if you’d like the general public to see it that way. Buy through Net-a-Porter for $1195.