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When it comes to handbags, Burberry’s would not be first label I’d pick bags from. Most of their designs do not appeal to me. Although they do look sleek and preppy, it’s just not the style I would immediately like.

But that may all change with this Nude Collection, which is set for launching today, the first of September, in connection with the launch of their newest fragrance named Body.

I like the fact that these handbags are totally without frills and embellishments. Made of leather and suede, these are really elegant and has none of that plaid print Burberry is known for. Designer Christopher Bailey definitely made sure to play it all up on the bag’s material and design.

This bowling bag lends a fresh look, I cannot help but love it.

wpid Screen Shot 2011 09 01 at 75103 AM - Nude Collection by Burberry

And this clutch bag, with its exotic python leather, is a total beauty:

wpid Screen Shot 2011 09 01 at 75109 AM - Nude Collection by Burberry

The Nude Collection actually also includes apparel and other accessories, all to tie up with their newest fragrance.

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